News from our past

From the pages of The Wenatchee World

Pulling a train engine out of Douglas Creek was quite a feat as this photo would indicate. Runoff from the Big Bend wheat fields down Douglas Creek in 1923 washed away most of the bridges along Great Northern’s Mansfield line, south of Douglas. A coach car made it across the bridge but the engine plunged into the water. No one was injured.

100 years ago

W.B. Paton of Cashmere set a record of traveling between there and Waterville in two hours and 20 minutes.

The Board of Education has hired teachers for the fall term in Waterville. Selected for the high school are R.E. Cook, superintendent; Bess E. Sly, language; and Leila Shaffer, English; for the grade school are Clement Witt, principal; and Zylphia Wilson, Myrtle Danforth, Belva E. Waters, Sylvia A. Zell, Fannie Knight and Cora Brown. A new course of study in English has been added and German has been dropped. More attention will be made to studies in agriculture, horticulture, and commercial and mental arithmetic.

50 years ago

Lynne Hymer and JoAnne Pierson have been selected to represent Brewster at Evergreen Girls State in June.

Lois Kleinsasser will represent Bridgeport at the Apple Blossom Festival.

25 years ago

Nancy Hansen, a Mansfield resident for the last five years, is the new town clerk. The town council appointed her Tuesday night on the recommendation of Mayor Norman Tupling.