Circus comes to town

By Karen Larsen

Two performances of the Wenatchee Youth Circus at the Waterville School football field were an added attraction to Waterville Days.

The group of children and teenagers tours each summer, and this is the second year in a row they’ve held performances in Waterville. On Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon, there were performances of the tight rope, high wire, flying trapeze, Roman ladders and trampolines.

There were also a variety of clown acts performed by circus director Paul Pugh and other members of the group.


A tense moment occurred Sunday when a high wire broke, sending 14-year-old McKenzie Madland tumbling down to a safety net below. Fortunately, she was unhurt and finished the show by performing on the flying trapeze.

Circus members practice for about seven hours per week during the school year and then perform all summer. Many families travel with them in campers and help out behind the scenes.

The group members are responsible for the running of the circus, including assembling and dissembling the equipment. Several members said afterward that they also teach each other how to perform the acts when trainers are busy helping other members.

Chamber president Keith Soderstrom said that he plans to get the circus here again for next year’s Waterville Days, and that next year members will also take part in the parade.