The church that begs to be photographed

Photo by Jim Rogers

Any traveler along Highway 2 in Central Washington can hardly miss the white steeple church in Douglas just east of Waterville.

The present building was built by William Puffert with the help of German immigrants 100 years ago for the German community that settled this part of Douglas County and farmed the land.

The church stands out for the simple statement it makes in this tiny community. At the same time it figuratively begs the photographer to take its picture as many have over the years. It is difficult not to take a great picture of the building because of its simple stateliness.

In 1967 the church building no longer had a congregation, and it was sold to the Westerman family. This privately owned building was sold to a local non-profit organization interested in restoring the building in 2006.

Occasionally individuals will use the building for weddings and baptisms for the quaint message the building gives of times long ago: this was the way life used to be, and with some imagination one can go back to that time. Only then, 100 years ago, photography was a different science but no less appealing.