Candidate filings

WATERVILLE — Three candidates filed for an Eastmont School Board position for which no one filed during filing week, creating a primary race for Position 4.

A general election race also developed for Rock Island Council Pos. 4.

Several other open positions also drew contestants during last week’s special filing, although no other races developed.

Those seats for which no one filed will be determined by appointment from the governing body.

Those filing this week include:

Eastmont School Board: Pos. 3: Annette Eggers; Pos. 4: Dennis Wallgren, Jan Cetto, William Armes.

Rock Island Council: Pos. 4: Brad Hampton, Mariah Kreider; Pos. 5: Randy Agnew.

Mansfield School Board: Pos. 5: Brad A. Murison

Waterville Council: Pos. 1: Brian Munson; Pos. 2: Edward L. Worthen; Pos. 3: G. Wayne Hawks; Pos. 4: Charles Driver.