Leadership: Elementary Town Hall

| By Alexys Pearcy |

One of the reasons we have town hall is so kids can get up and express being a leader without being on the council and also to practice talking skills.

Steps to town hall:

First we get together governors and student representatives to talk about what is going to happen (agenda). We start with a flag salute. Then we go over norms — the rules we expect to be followed.
Then we do leadership den. Students get a slip that says what they were caught doing and which habit they were using. Four of the slips are pulled and those students get to sit on the couch. Then we do goals. Goals are a slip you get for getting your work in for math, science, spelling and history. This encourages kids to reach their goals and they have a chance of getting a prize.

Next we announce the leader around us, which is chosen by Jack Feeney. This leader has his or her name on the board and a picture. But first we play a guessing game about the person. Then we move on to classroom sharing. This is when kids can share about something their class did. Then we all sing the school song. We say our good-byes and dismiss the quietest class first. That is the process of town hall.