Sports Achievements: Leadership in coaching

| By Josh Barnes |

A leadership focus for our junior high boy’s basketball team from a coaches prospective is very beneficial. We know that leadership is simply “influence” and we try to use the influence of our players to create a more cohesive team! Each season in the first week of practice, the entire team votes for their “leaders.” It is amazing to watch the focus of the players who are elected leaders increase with the responsibility. We all know that these leaders have a tremendous amount of influence over their fellow teammates, sometimes far more than a coach can.

Instead of focusing extra coaching effort on the few with a poor attitude, we now focus that effort on training our leaders how to become better leaders and what real leadership looks like and what it does not look like.

Every team depends on a solid foundation in order to be successful and efficient. The seven habits that are taught throughout each of their academic classes are easily transferred into our daily practices!

Coach Grillo and I have noticed a difference in the character of the players since the seven habit principles were incorporated.

Accountability has increased and the disciplinary action has decreased.

It is great to be able to passionately explain to the players when the opposing team calls a time-out to stifle our momentum.

“You guys feel that? That is synergy! You guys are reaching that next level by working together so well! That is why they called a time-out! Great job! Keep it up!”