On Main Street

This is an occasional column that highlights business news in Waterville and smaller Douglas County communities. If you have business news that you would like to appear in this column, please email larsen@empire-press.com.

Kimberly Gormley of Signs Etcetera wants customers to know that if they want exterior store front lettering done, she will need to get started with this as it will soon be too cold.

The first Farmer’s Market will be held at the newly restored Farmer’s Hall from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 23. Locals will be selling a wide range of items, including antiques, handmade soaps, gourmet cupcakes, signs, cards, candles and knitted and repurposed items. Kimberly Gormley, who is one of those organizing the event said, “We’re just trying to get a fun, local get-together. If it works out we’re planning to do it again.”

Sterling Savings Bank will have a new name at the beginning of 2014. Sterling Financial Corporation and Umpqua Holdings Corporation have agreed to merge. The company will go by the Umpqua name and will make up the largest community bank on the west coast. Branches will exist in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California and Nevada.

Cara Coon, communications and public affairs director for Sterling Bank, said that the merger will not close for about another six months. She said that currently the banks are going through the process of looking at all types of accounts and how they can best merge different financial products. Around the time of the merger, the banks will be informing customers about any changes that will occur to their accounts. If there are changes, they will probably take effect between six and 12 months after the merger. Coon said she believes that the combined strengths of the two banks will create “a really strong, regional bank.” She said that both Umqua and Sterling are committed to retaining a strong investment in the communities in which branches are located.

The Blue Rooster closed for its annual winter break Oct. 20. The cafe will reopen in the spring with more arts and crafts by local artists. If you would like your talents to be on display in the Blue Rooster Art Gallery, please contact Bruce or Cathy Clark at (509) 293-6070.

In the meantime, the Clarks are still able to fill large orders of maple bars, with at least one week’s advance notice.