‘A Great Place to Come Home To’: Angie Whitehall Deishl

Cithlali Chavez, left, interviews Angie Deish. (Provided photo)

Cithlali Chavez, left, interviews Angie Deish. (Provided photo)


This is the second of a series of profiles featured ahead of the sixth annual NCW Community Success Summit, which IRIS (Initiative for Rural Innovation & Stewardship) is convening in Waterville on Nov. 12. This year’s theme, “A Great Place to Come Home To,” celebrates the return of people from multi-generational families to the community. It also welcomes the contributions and successes of more recent arrivals who have chosen to make their home here. For more information about the summit visit www.irisncw.org. To sample more stories about Waterville and other NCW communities, visit the Listening Post Network.


By Phylicitie Chitwood and Cithlali Chavez

Angie Whitehall Deishl graduated from Waterville High School in 1995. She, like many others, reached a point in her life when she wanted to leave the Waterville community, mentioning that “it’s a pretty normal and maturing aspect of wanting to get out of the nest and go see what else the world has to offer.”

But, eventually Angie had a change of heart. She admitted, “It all changed when I had a family and thinking about where it would be a great place to raise my daughter, and then my perspective changed back to wanting to be back in Waterville.”

Mrs. Deishl believes that Waterville is a great place to come home to in the way that “there’s family in Waterville, and when I refer to family it’s not just biological, Waterville is really a community that always sticks together and supports each other.” She also mentioned how her family really enjoys the “diversity of the landscape” since they go camping and dirt biking regularly.

Today Mrs. Deishl lives with her husband Miles and her daughter Lexi in Waterville and she’s working as the fifth grade teacher at Waterville Elementary.