‘A Great Place to Come Home To’: Armando Davila

Cithlali Chavez interviews Armando Davila. (Provided photo)

Cithlali Chavez interviews Armando Davila. (Provided photo)


This is the fourth of a series of profiles featured ahead of the sixth annual NCW Community Success Summit, which IRIS (Initiative for Rural Innovation & Stewardship) is convening in Waterville on Nov. 12. This year’s theme, “A Great Place to Come Home To,” celebrates the return of people from multi-generational families to the community. It also welcomes the contributions and successes of more recent arrivals who have chosen to make their home here. For more information about the summit visit www.irisncw.org. To sample more stories about Waterville and other NCW communities, visit the Listening Post Network.


By Cithlali Chavez

Armando Davila graduated from Waterville High in 2007. He came to North Central Washington when he was 8 years old. The reason he came was because his father moved up here, and his family wanted to follow him. He, like many others, left for a while to the big cities, but in the end he came back.

Mr. Davila admitted that he believes “Waterville is a great place to come home to because it’s quiet and it has that sense of community.” He realized this when he had lived in the cities. He explained to us how he “loves that we’re in the middle of nowhere, but at the same time we’re hours away from lakes and the ocean.”

Today, Armando Davila lives in Orondo and has been working as the bilingual secretary at Waterville High for almost three years. He does not plan on leaving North Central Washington anytime soon.