‘A Great Place to Come Home To’: Kieth Finkbeiner

Kieth Finkbeiner is interviewed by Taylor Schoenberg. (Provided photo)

Kieth Finkbeiner is interviewed by Taylor Schoenberg. (Provided photo)


This is the eighth of a series of profiles inspired by the sixth annual NCW Community Success Summit, held Nov. 12 in Waterville. This year’s event, organized by IRIS (Initiative for Rural Innovation & Stewardship), featured the theme “A Great Place to Come Home To,” celebrating the return of people from multi-generational families to the community as well as the contributions and successes of more recent arrivals who have chosen to make their home here. For more information about IRIS, visit www.irisncw.org. To sample more stories about Waterville and other NCW communities, visit the Listening Post Network.


By Taylor Schoenberg

Kieth Finkbeiner has lived in Waterville about 25 years and graduated from Waterville High School in 1999. He is a teacher and basketball coach here.

Finkbeiner left for nine years and moved back just over a year ago. His dad moved his family here to own the Chevrolet dealership in the mid-1970s.

For Finkbeiner, Waterville is a great place to come home to because he “had a great experience growing up here.” He also appreciates that “you can grow great bonds with other people.”

One thing Finkbeiner is proud to share with outsiders is that the community is always willing to help others. Recently, when a Pateros football player was severely injured during a game at Waterville our football team responded by attending a fundraiser in Pateros.

Finkbeiner also enjoys the geography. He loves the open sky, “being able to see miles away” and thinks Badger Mountain is beautiful. As an athlete, he liked playing basketball but his favorite sport was football. He enjoyed many teachers as a student but said his all-time favorite was Mrs. Mires.