‘A Great Place to Come Home To’: Renee Biggar Landon

Renee Landon is interviewed by Phylicite Chitwood. (Provided photo)

Renee Landon is interviewed by Phylicite Chitwood. (Provided photo)


This is the seventh of a series of profiles inspired by the sixth annual NCW Community Success Summit, held this week in Waterville. This year’s event, organized by IRIS (Initiative for Rural Innovation & Stewardship), featured the theme “A Great Place to Come Home To,” celebrating the return of people from multi-generational families to the community as well as the contributions and successes of more recent arrivals who have chosen to make their home here. For more information about IRIS, visit www.irisncw.org. To sample more stories about Waterville and other NCW communities, visit the Listening Post Network.


By Phylicite Chitwood    

Renee Biggar Landon graduated from Waterville High in 1981.

Renee came to Waterville when she was a first-grader because her father accepted a new job as an engineer for Douglas County. Renee explained to us that she has never thought about leaving Waterville since arriving as a young girl. She believes that it’s “a great place for kids and a great place to get involved.”

Renee stated why she believes Waterville is a great place to come home to: “I think being in a small community you’re able to be involved in a lot of different things like activities and clubs.”

She also mentioned that “I really enjoy the wheat fields, because that’s where we do our industry.”

Today, Renee is working as a para-pro at Waterville School. She is happily married to Mike Landon, another Waterville High School graduate.