‘A Great Place to Come Home To’: Tayn Kendrick

Tayn Kendrick is interviewed by Taylor Schoenberg. (Provided photo)

Tayn Kendrick is interviewed by Taylor Schoenberg. (Provided photo)


This is the sixth of a series of profiles featured ahead of the sixth annual NCW Community Success Summit, which IRIS (Initiative for Rural Innovation & Stewardship) is convening in Waterville on Nov. 12. This year’s theme, “A Great Place to Come Home To,” celebrates the return of people from multi-generational families to the community. It also welcomes the contributions and successes of more recent arrivals who have chosen to make their home here. For more information about the summit visit www.irisncw.org. To sample more stories about Waterville and other NCW communities, visit the Listening Post Network.


By Taylor Schoenberg

Tayn Kendrick has lived in Waterville for about 25 years and graduated from Waterville High School in 2000.

Kendrick moved back recently because he wanted his children to have the same opportunities as he did. “The fact that there is a community is what I like the most,” he said.

Other great things about Waterville are, “the memories and the privileges” and “the feeling of safety.” One thing that Kendrick is proud to share is, “you have a chance to impact the community and the school” here in Waterville. He also mentioned that, “each person has an important part of what happens in Waterville.”

His favorite teacher was Mrs. Mires, but only because he had to say that since she is his oldest sister. He mentioned that, “Mrs. Van Winkle had a positive reinforcement” and she was a wonderful teacher. He also enjoys the wheat fields and watching the combines during harvest.