Thank you for the hospitality

On May 29, Waterville resident Kevin Kummer came to our assistance at the Waterville Airport. Two gliders had landed at the airport from a contest event taking place out of Ephrata. I was the tow pilot who came to retrieve them on that windy day. Mr. Kummer stopped by to help hold a wing as I was to fly them out. When my tow plane developed a minor problem, Mr. Kummer offered me his truck as a place to sit out of the wind to make some phone calls. Later, one of the gliders decided it was best to tie down in that wind, and Mr. Kummer offered to “tow” the glider with a rope tied to his bumper because the tie down area was a half-mile down the runway. Glider pilots and myself in the tow plane all made it back to Ephrata that evening, but I sure wanted to say a “thanks” for the Waterville hospitality shown by Mr. Kummer. It was much appreciated!

Linda Chism