IRIS to host 7th annual NCW Community Success Summit in Quincy

By Nancy Warner
Initiative for Rural Innovation & Stewardship (IRIS)

The Initiative for Rural Innovation & Stewardship (IRIS) plans to showcase success stories when it teams up with partners to convene the 7th annual NCW Community Success Summit in Quincy on Nov. 15.

“Seeding Success, Growing ONE Community” is scheduled for 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Quincy Junior High School.

We’re thrilled to work with the City of Quincy and the greater community to host the summit this year. As people who live here know, this community, including George and the Trinidad area, has nurtured many success stories. Our aim is to connect those stories and show how they are growing one strong community.

Quincy will also help IRIS create the first bilingual summit, a model the nonprofit plans to follow as they convene the summit in a different rural community each year.

Over time, we will showcase and pass on a collection of success stories that can help the next generation thrive.

Some of the questions community members plan to highlight with success stories include: In what ways are we increasing the health and connectivity of our lands and waters? How are we using cross-generational relationships to foster a sense of belonging, improve our health, and create opportunities for 21st century jobs for our children? And how are people working together to reduce waste and knowledge and to increase resource sharing in North Central Washington?

The public is invited to submit success stories from Quincy and from across the Grant, Douglas, Okanogan and Chelan county region. Visit to download the Success Story Exchange template or fill it out online.

To build on the last summit in Waterville, IRIS is working again with the local school district in Quincy to engage a team of faculty and students in all aspects of the summit. Quincy School students will help identify successes in their community to share with summit participants and will be among the presenters sharing success stories. They will also work with resource experts to facilitate roundtable discussions in English and Spanish on issues common to all communities across the region.

IRIS is working with an advisory committee to plan other elements of the summit that will include a locally-prepared lunch, live music, and an exhibit at the Quincy Library, “A Picture of Health in NCW,” celebrating how people are nurturing well-being at the individual, community and environmental levels.

Event planners anticipate that more than 160 people from Quincy and across the region will participate in the summit this year. An annual celebration of success, the summit also serves as a fundraising event that will enable IRIS to continue the cycle of highlighting success through 2020.

IRIS is proud to acknowledge the following sponsors for this year’s event including the City of Quincy, Port of Douglas County, Community Choice Healthcare Network, Wenatchee Valley College, The Wenatchee World, Molina Healthcare, The Nature Conservancy of Washington, Quincy Valley Historical Society and the Bureau of Land Management.

For more information about sponsoring and how to get involved in this year’s NCW Community Success Summit, call the IRIS office at 888-7374, or email An agenda and registration information will be posted on the IRIS website later this summer.

Nancy Warner is summit coordinator for the Initiative for Rural Innovation & Stewardship (IRIS).

The Initiative for Rural Innovation & Stewardship (IRIS) fosters sustainable rural communities in North Central Washington by gathering and sharing success stories that enhance a sense of belonging, inspire action, and build community. IRIS believes that thriving communities in a healthy environment create success. More information on IRIS is available at


Provided image/Oscar Romero

Provided image/Oscar Romero