Jamboree held in Mansfield

Mansfield/Waterville B team players  include Halllee Hughes, Macy Corey, Ella Osborne, Haley Vargas, Bailey Viebrock and Johnna Hope. (Provided photo/James Robinson)


By James Robinson
Empire Press Correspondent

The Mansfield/Waterville A team in action at the 2017 Silo Invitational Jamboree March 18. Kernel players are Jordan Adams, Alex Poppie (hitting the ball), Eliana Silva, Meredith Mittelsteadt, McKenna Gurnard and Brooke Willms. (Provided photo/James Robinson)

Several area junior high school volleyball teams met in Mansfield on March 18 for the 2017 Silo Invitational Jamboree.

In addition to the hosting Mansfield/Waterville Kernels, participating teams were from Manson, Pateros and Wilson Creek. Both the A teams (eighth-graders) and the B teams (sixth and seventh-graders) competed.

Junior high volleyball is allowed one tournament and one jamboree per year. The tournament has teams in full competition with first through fourth placings. A jamboree is a bit different, as teams play each other for 25 minutes with no score showing for the public. Points are only tallied to see who gets the “candy prizes” for the most wins. During the jamboree event, there were 24 matches played on two courts. Two matches were played simultaneously from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with a one hour “halftime” for lunch.

The matches are fast-paced. In regular matches, the game ends when a team gets 25 points. In a jamboree, teams often score points into the high 40s during the designated time. This type of play helps build stamina and does not allow time for concern about the score. It is just a time to play volleyball until being told to stop. If one team scores five aces in a row, the ball goes to the other team. It is fun for spectators and the girls have fun honing their skills.

This year the Pateros A team and the Wilson Creek B team took home the “candy prizes.”

During the lunch hour halftime, third through fifth-graders from Mansfield and Waterville held exhibition youth games with sixth-grader Julia Ashley as referee.

Game officials acknowledge the Mansfield Boosters and high school volunteers who helped score and referee during the jamboree. It was a great community event for the Mansfield and Waterville (combined sports schools) volleyball program as a fundraiser to provide for an in-house volleyball camp this summer.