Local author publishes new books

East Wenatchee author Donielle Ingersoll. (Empire Press photo/Darlene Paterson)


By Darlene Paterson
Empire Press Correspondent

Whether landscaping a lawn, decorating a cake, or writing a book, Donielle Ingersoll portrays his artistic flair in everything he does.

Ingersoll moved from Michigan to the East Wenatchee area in 1990. His trade is landscaping, his passion is writing. Ingersoll recently published two new books, “Patti Cake” and “Absolute Choice.”

Ingersoll combined his love of cake decorating with his romantic heart to create “Patti Cake,” his first Christian romance novel.

“One of life’s major decisions is the choice of a life partner,” Ingersoll says. “I believe a good, clean romance can help inspire young people to make wise choices regarding marriage.”

“Patti Cake” was the third book published by Ingersoll and came out last April. His first book, “A Little Taste of Heaven,” was an allegory published in 2007. His second, a nonfiction work titled “30 Days with Jesus,” published in 2011 and explored Ingersoll’s own experiences on life’s journey.

While in the process of publishing “Patti Cake,” Ingersoll’s publishing company iUniverse offered him a package deal for publishing two books. As a result, he wrote “Absolute Choice” which came out in November. As the first book in the “Infinity Trilogy,” it is written in science-fiction genre and explores the conflict between good and evil through paranormal, parallel universes.

Ingersoll has a master’s degree in art from Andrews University. He designed the covers for all of his books.

In “Patti Cake,” Ingersoll portrays the whimsical romance of Patti, a small-town baker. Her successful cake-decorating business catches the attention of a dashing celebrity, while a hometown suitor offers love and stability. Patti is torn between the two men and turns to God for direction.

“Patti Cake” emphasizes the importance of relying on God’s guidance in times of turmoil. Ingersoll’s humorous tale will leave readers longing to tap into their own creativity and imagination. “I hope it offers encouragement and inspiration,” Ingersoll says.

All of Ingersoll’s books may be purchased through Amazon. They are also available in Kindle editions or as e-books. “Patti Cake” is available under the name Donielle Ingersoll and the other books under the name Don Ingersoll.

Ingersoll may be reached at donielleingersol@gmail.com.