Memorial tributes

Residents of the Waterville Plateau and visitors paid tribute to friends and loved ones over the Memorial Day weekend. Ceremonies took place May 29 at the Waterville Cemetery.


Seth, Khloe and Amy Suppes sit with their aunt, Morgan Suppes, at the grave of their grandfather, Wayne Suppes, who passed away in 2009. (Empire Press photo/Karen Larsen)


Members of Waterville’s Girl Scout troop take a break from passing out programs. From back left, clockwise, are Khloe Suppes, Selah Hirschkorn (a friend of the troop members), Lauren Shiflett, Harlie Zones, Alyssa Hansen, Julia Ashley, Alivia Hosford, Rosemary Holcomb and Elsa Ashley. (Empire Press photo/Karen Larsen)


Members of Waterville’s Young Life group and leaders sell cookies and refreshments at the Memorial Day ceremony. They are Jackson Milbrandt, Taylor Schoenberg, Mia Thomsen, Garrett Thomsen, Keri Henson, Salena Joiner, Marco Keech and Haylee Newcomb. (Empire Press photo/Karen Larsen)


Empire Press photo/Karen Larsen
Erin Cass of Wenatchee brings her grandmother Cassie Besel, a Waterville native, to Waterville’s Memorial Day ceremony each year. They stand near the graves of their family members.


Justine Clements, 17, of Waterville uses a chart to locate veterans’ grave sites to place flags alongside them at the Waterville Cemetery May 26. A crew of a dozen volunteers put up 70 large flags along the edge of the cemetery and 230 smaller flags at the gravesites. (Provided photo/Wenatchee World photographer Don Seabrook)


Randy Brandt, left, and his son David put up Randy’s father’s veteran’s flag at the remote Douglas Cemetery May 26. The large flag is one of six that adorn the front of the cemetery during the Memorial Day weekend. The two also hunt down the grave sites of eight veterans to place smaller flags next to their graves. Randy says he started helping decorate the small cemetery about 35 years ago. He grew up in the only house you can see from the cemetery a couple of miles away. (Provided photo/Wenatchee World-Don Seabrook)


Randy Brandt and his son David leave the Douglas Cemetery after putting flags up for the Memorial Day weekend. (Provided photo/Wenatchee World-Don Seabrook)