Shocker girls win two against Manson on May 4

By James Robinson
Empire Press Correspondent

The Waterville/Mansfield girls softball team had a good afternoon on May 4 against the Manson Trojans. They were make-up games from earlier in the season that were postponed due to adverse weather.

The Shockers won both games with scores of 22-4.

Lead-off batter Evelyn Negrete had four hits. Other hits in the game included Drew Koenig (4), Cora Dills (3), Ariana Salcido (3), Makayla Kelley (1), Selena Joiner (1) and Taylor Schoenberg (1). Salcido threw 10 strikeouts.

In the second game, the Shockers’ hitting continued: Negrete (3), Koenig (4), Dills (2), Salcido (3), Stephanie Capi (1), Kelley (2), Cithlali Chavez (3), and Joiner (2). Salcido threw six strikeouts.

Head coach Ruben Salcido said, “The girls did really well hitting in these games.”