Series | Barn quilts about town

By Suzanne Robinson
Empire Press Correspondent

This is the eighth in a series of stories focusing on the Barn Quilt Project in Douglas County. Each story talks about the background of the barn quilts chosen to be displayed and other history. 


Cathi Nelson with the barn quilt displayed on her barn. (Empire Press photo/Suzanne Robinson)

Last November another beautifully designed barn quilt was added to the Douglas County Barn Quilt Project trail. It is displayed by Larry and Cathi Nelson on their barn behind their house at 505 E. Locust St. The design of the quilt is a friendship star design done in red, white and blue. The design of the quilt is a friendship star design done in red, white and blue.

Cathi Nelson explained that the reason she chose the colors was because “we should be proud to display our country’s colors and be proud to be Americans.” She went on to say that she wanted the friendship design because “friendship is a really important thing.”

Nelson said they purchased the barn a couple of years ago from the Daling brothers, mainly because they love the country feel of the area where they live and want to preserve a part of the history there. Members of the Daling family remember coming to visit their grandmother in the house where she did all of her cooking and baking with a wood burning stove.

Ed Daling’s grandmother lived in the house when he was growing up. Daling remembers coming over to do yard work for his grandmother.

He said, “no matter how hot it was outside, she would always say, ‘You need to come in for some soup.’ She always had soup on the wood burning stove.”

Their home was built in 1912 which included the barn as part of the property. It is believed that the original owner of the house was George Kincaid, one of the founding fathers of Waterville.

The Nelson’s purchased the home in 2003 from former owners, Grant and Margie Seims.

Nelson was one of the painters of the barn quilts when the project first started but is no longer able to help. She really enjoyed doing the painting. “It was therapeutic,” she remembers.

The barn quilt brightens up the barn, which has recently been cleaned out and fresh coat of paint added.

Maps showing the locations of all the barn quilts in the area are available at Waterville Town Hall.