Our Past | 1945: Firefighting plans and other Mansfield happenings

Selected by Karen Larsen

This article, published in the July 26, 1945 edition of the Waterville Empire-Press, tells how Mansfield residents organized themselves to control wildfires in the area. Other pieces of news from Mansfield were included at the end of the article.


Mansfield Men Plan Firefighting

Mansfield, July 19 — In response to a call sent out by the Mansfield volunteer firemen, 75 farmers and businessmen met in the Grange Hall Tuesday night to work out a system whereby farm fires may be taken care of in the most efficient manner. As a result of the discussions, the rural sections surrounding Mansfield were divided into seven fire districts with a resident warden in each, viz., Dyer Hill, Warren Gallaher; Mud Springs, Tom Petersen; North of Town, Walter Caille; East of Town, Mint Greninger; South of Town, Fred Wittig; Sims Corner, Frank Simms; St. Andrews, Hans Wogensen.

These wardens are appointed for the fire season to control and spot the fires with the help of the farmer on whose land the fire is burning. The majority of the farmers favored forming a rural fire district. Com. P.C. Thomsen was appointed to contact the proper authorities and to find out what must be done to get the district legally organized by the time another fire season rolls around so that any fires will be quickly brought under control. The necessity of organized effort in firefighting was made manifest by fire that occurred around the C.E. Peach ranch last week.

Mrs. E.E. Greninger, 75, had a very painful accident at her home Monday. She had gone to the hen house to gather eggs. On coming out, she slipped into a hole the chickens had dug and fell backward breaking a bone in the right hip. She was taken to the Deaconess Hospital in Wenatchee for treatment.

Mrs. Carl Bates left here Tuesday for Windom, Minnesota, and other places near there. Her twin sons, the Buds, will be camped near Minneapolis for about a week. They are on the way from Camp Tyndall, Florida, to Lincoln, Nebraska. Both are radio operators in the Air Force.

Mrs. Janet Mallory of Spokane was home over the weekend visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary Mallory, and other relatives.