Championships close Waterville swim season

By James Robinson
Empire Press Correspondent

Wenatchee Valley Summer Swim League Championships July 29 at the Wenatchee City Pool. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)

The Wenatchee Valley Summer Swim League Championships closed out the season July 29 at the Wenatchee City Pool.

The league was founded in 1987 by parent volunteers and continues to operate on that basis, according to the league’s website. Current member teams include Cashmere, Ephrata, Quincy, Upper Valley (Leavenworth), Waterville and the?Wenatchee Racquet and Athletic Club. Swim practices begin mid to late June and the six-week season allows for regular dual season meets as well as invitational meets.

Waterville swim team head coach Samantha Fletcher said, ?The kids did a great job this summer. Most were at all the practices which were five one-hour practices a week. And for a small team that worked hard, they all put their hearts into it.?

Swim meet director Rob Falon said, ?There are six teams with a total of 398 swimmers.?

Team results for the championships were Cashmere, first; Leavenworth, second; Quincy, third; Ephrata, fourth, Wenatchee Racquet and Athletic Club, fifth; and Waterville, sixth.

Results for the Waterville swim team were:

Medley relays

Boys medley relay?100-yard:?age 8, fifth;?200-yard:?age 14, fourth

Girls medley relay 100-yard:?age 8, third;?100-yard:?age 12, fifth;?200-yard:?age 18, fourth


Girls backstroke, 25-yard:?(6) Lauren Adams, 5th;?(8) Kaycie Poff, 10th; (9)?Finley Brandt, 7th; (10) VanEssa Delgadillo, 3rd; Elizabeth Keller, 5th; Kellee Kendrick, 6th;?(12) Cali Deford, 5th; (13) Whitley Hill, 4th; (14) Emily Thomsen, 4th;?(15-16) Julia Tonseth, 6th

Holly Finkbeiner competes at the WVSSL championships. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)

Boys backstroke, 25-yard:?(8) Cade Hill, 5th; (10) Hans Tonseth, 7th; (11) Spencer Hill, 5th; (14) Cooper Hall, 2nd

Girls 100-yard medley:?(9) Holly Finkbeiner, 4th

Boys breaststroke:?Branson Barnes, 2nd; Hans Tonseth, 3rd; Spenser Hill, 5th; Cole Borden, 3rd; Cooper Hill, 1st

Girls breaststroke:?Holly?Finkbeiner, 5th; Hanna Nelson, 6th; Mya Deford, 14th;?Mady Regallie, 6th; Valerie McCray, 7th; Elsie Munson, 11th;?Whitley Hill, 5th; Emily Thomsen, 5th;?Ashlyn Hill, 4th; Julia Tonseth 6th

Boys freestyle:?Ty Nelson, 4th; Dallas Adams, 8th; Jack Katovich, 3rd;?Branson Barnes, 2nd; Dallas Adams, 13th;?Cade Hill, 7th; Hans Tonseth, 4th; Spenser Hill, 8th; Jack Katovich, 4th; Cooper Hall, 3rd

Girls freestyle:?Lauren Adams, 3rd;?Ashlyn Hill, 4th;?Kaycie Poff, 11th;?Hanna Nelson, 3rd; VanEssa Delgadillo, 6th;?Valerie McCray, 4th; Caroline Petersen, 6th;?Cali Deford, 5th;?Claire McCray, 6th; Julia Tonseth, 7th

Boys butterfly:?Branson Barnes, 1st; Ty Nelson, 2nd; Cole Borden, 2nd; Jack Katovich, 4th

Girls butterfly:?Charlotte Lucero, 1st; Hanna Nelson, 3rd; Mya Deford, 7th; Kellee Kendrick, 2nd; Elsie Munson, 6th; Caroline Petersen, 8th; Claire McCray, 4th; Lauren Adams, 5th