Flowers enhance Main Street

One of eight flower pots recently added to Waterville’s business area. This one is by Waterville Family Grocery. (Empire Press photo/Karen Larsen)


By Karen Larsen
Empire Press Correspondent

A flower pot recently set out by the Waterville Main Street Association at the corner where Highway 2 turns onto Locust Street. (Empire Press photo/Karen Larsen)

Eight new flower pots have recently been placed around Waterville by the Main Street Association. The flowers in the pots were provided by Estes Fruit Stand.

Teri McCurry, Jill Thompson and Alice Dawson are members of the Main Street Association Design Committee. They had been working this summer on a project to put more flowers in the business district of town to further enhance the look of the area.

They considered various styles of pots and settled on tall self-watering ones. The pots hold five gallons of water, so they are fairly low maintenance.

McCurry had gone to Estes Fruit Stand to buy material for her own garden. She had a conversation with the new owner, Victor Garibay, about partnering with the stand for the Main Street flower pots next year.

Garibay said that it was not too late to partner this year, and McCurry was able to choose eight displays of flowers.

She took these flowers home and cared for them for about a month before working together with the Main Street board members to transport the pots to key locations on Main Street late in August.

McCurry said that the Main Street Association and Victor and Autumn Garibay have agreed to partner on the project again next year, and Autumn Garibay will design the flowers for the town.

?Working with them has been phenomenal. They are so gracious in the help they have offered,? McCurry said.

The board worked to get the flowers in prominent places or in corners that looked like they needed a little something. One pot is located at the corner of Locust Street and Central Avenue, so visitors coming up from Wenatchee will see it as they enter town. Others decorate store fronts, both filled and empty, and a bus stop.