Allegiance Trio at Orondo

The Allegiance Trio of Jake Sammons, Kasey Kemp and Corey Lackey performs in Orondo Oct. 14. (Empire Press photo/Darlene Paterson)


By Darlene Paterson
Empire Press Correspondent

Allegiance Trio, a Christian music group from Nashville, Tenn., presented a concert Oct. 14 at Orondo Community Church.

Orondo was their only stop in Washington state during the trio’s two-week tour covering 5,500 miles from Nashville and back.

“We are amazed at the beauty of your state,” lead singer and group spokesman Kasey Kemp said during the concert. “This is our first ever visit to Washington. We left Kalispell, Mont., this morning and drove through snowy mountains to reach your community of friendly people, fresh air and apple orchards.”

The trio opened the concert with a rousing rendition of “In the Sweet By and By,” followed by a medley of toe-tapping gospel songs.

Kemp introduced the other members of the trio — Jake Sammons, baritone, guitarist and songwriter; and Corey Lackey, tenor and sound manager. One concert segment, “Acoustic Allegiance,” featured Sammons on the guitar while the trio sang without other accompaniment. Several timeless hymns such as “I’ll Fly Away” and “How Great Thou Art” included audience participation.

Following a short break, Allegiance closed the hour-long concert with another medley, including an original song written by Sammons called “I Will Stand.”

This song has become popular throughout the country. It was a featured theme song in several parades this year.

Last year the group traveled with T. Graham Brown in an “I Will Stand”-themed tour to help raise money for homeless and wounded veterans for an organization called Helping a Hero, based in Houston, Texas.

The trio sang “I Will Stand” at the State Capitol with the Tennessee legislators standing behind them. It came out as a single in 2015 and is now included in one of their three CDs.

Written to honor the country’s military heroes and first responders, the trio and song are featured in a documentary film with the same title. The movie, filmed in Washington, D.C. at famous landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, Washington Monument and The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, includes active duty military, veterans and first responders as well as religious and political figures.

“We were so blessed to be able to honor our heroes in that way,” Sammons said. “I come from a long line of military people, and want to stand up for those who have always been willing to give their lives to protect us.”

“I Will Stand” premiered at the famous Gallatin Theater in Gallatin, Tenn., on Sept. 19, 2016.

Sammons has been singing since he was 12 years old. Married for 21 years, he and his wife have two teenaged daughters.

Sammons met Kemp while traveling with the Booth Brothers. Later he and Kemp toured with another music group. When that group disbanded, Sammons and Kemp felt God’s call to continue in music ministry. They formed a trio and traveled with the Booth Brothers for about 18 months, opening for them and getting acquainted with people in the industry.

“When we started we had nothing. No equipment, no money. We started small with a hope and a prayer that God would provide,” Sammons said.

“We changed our name to Allegiance Trio three years ago,” Sammons added. “The name resonates with us because we feel a deep devotion to God, family, country and each other. Our focus is on three things — to honor God in all we do, to sing great songs that lift people up and to love and care about people. It would be impossible to travel and leave our families on weekends and tours if we did not know for sure that God has called us to this.”

Kemp and his wife of almost three years have a 1-year-old baby daughter. He is an ordained minister as well as a musician.

Allegiance engagements often include services when Kemp preaches and the trio sings. Their current tour included three days of special meetings in North Dakota on their way west. The group travels a total of 180 days a year.

Corey Lackey, youngest member of the group at 23, is single. From Detroit Mich., Lackey ran the sound system at his church and promoted gospel concerts in Michigan. Allegiance was the first concert he promoted and he struck up a friendship with them.

“When Allegiance asked if I would like to run their sound system, I jumped at the chance,” Lackey said. “I moved to Nashville to work and travel with Allegiance. Last January, they had an opening for a tenor and I filled the vacancy. I run sound on stage, as well as sing. I have loved every minute of it.”

Allegiance will be participating in several upcoming country-gospel events. They will be a part of a Music City Show Cruise to Jamaica, Mexico and Haiti March 18-25. For information on the cruise, visit

Song Garden, the trio’s recording label, will present Song Garden Summit, a country gospel event, Oct. 26-28, 2018 at Ridgecrest Conference Center in Ridgecrest, N.C. Seven artists, including Allegiance, will be featured at the weekend event.

For more information about the trio and their schedule, visit