Making a Home in Douglas Co.

By Karen Larsen
Empire Press Correspondent

This is the third in a series of articles about people who have come to Douglas County from places near and far and have thrived here. Some came through marriage, some have retired here and some are young couples that have found this to be their place of choice for raising children. All have become active in the life of the community and have come to call this home. The third article is about Chad and Anna Hutchinson, who moved to Waterville from Naches in 2016.


Young couple quickly puts down roots in Waterville


The Hutchinson family sits on a picnic bench outside their Waterville home. They are Tony Brom and Duke, Chad, Anna and Addi Hutchinson. (Empire Press photo/Karen Larsen)

In 2014 Chad Hutchinson, who is an electrical inspector for the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, came to Waterville to perform an inspection. He liked the look of the small town and felt connected to the people he met.

?I could see myself living here,? he said to himself afterward.

In 2016 when he received a promotion to be the lead electrical inspector in the East Wenatchee and Okanogan service area, he and his wife Anna knew they wanted to come to Waterville.

They looked for a?home and found the house of Doc and Alice Hill for sale. The Hills were pillars of the community who worked to establish and run the Recycling Center and spent a good deal of time volunteering for a variety of organizations.

Chad Hutchinson said he was attracted to the house because it was large. He wanted his home to be a hub where neighborhood children would come. The Hutchinsons have two children: Duke, who is currently in first grade at Waterville School, and Addi, who is in third grade at the school.

They purchased the house and moved in at the end of the summer of 2016.

The Hutchinsons have heard many stories about the Hills and they find meaning in continuing to live in the Hill home. They said that they may do some limited remodeling, but they want to keep the character of the home what it has been. They see it as a ?country home? and that is what they like.

As soon as the family moved into their new home, they got involved in the community. They help to coach Waterville Youth Sports, including soccer, basketball and baseball. They have also helped at the Badger Mountain Ski Hill.

Chad Hutchinson started a pickleball group that played on the tennis courts during the summer.

Anna Hutchinson is volunteering to help with afterschool programs at Waterville Library.

Chad Hutchinson said that in the other communities in which he has lived volunteerism hasn?t been so much a part of life. He loves the fact that he is asked to volunteer in this community, and he loves being a part of what is happening.

The couple has also found that they were quickly included in the social fabric of the town. They were invited to various functions and began to?make good friends.

?It was kind of like coming home,? Hutchinson said.

Anna Hutchinson said that she has found the people in Waterville to be welcoming, sweet, kind and helpful.

?I love the community here,? she said.

She also said that it makes her feel good that her children have made friends and that she feels safe about them riding their bikes in town.

Beginning in 2017, the Hutchinsons were joined by Anna?s nephew Tony Brom, who is a sophomore at Waterville High School. Brom also seems to like living in this community and attending Waterville High School.