Youth Sports starts second year

Michael Schnieder, Jasmine Ramsey, Khole Suppes go after the ball. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)


By James Robinson
Empire Press Correspondent

Holly Finkbeiner, Khole Suppes, Corbin Goodsen, Tiffney Workinger, Jasmine Ramsey and Michael Schneider on the soccer field. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)

This is the second year for Waterville Youth Sports for children in kindergarten through fifth grade.

Soccer is played in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball will be played in the spring. The current soccer league consists of four teams from kindergarten through first grade, three teams of second- and third-graders, and one team of fourth- and fifth-graders.

The teams practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays with games scheduled on Saturdays through Oct. 28. The soccer matches are played in four quarters of eight minutes each.

Kimberly Gormley, one of the organizers said, “It is for the kids to keep them active, learn teamwork, and learn the basic skills of the game. Each student pays just $10 for the year. This helps purchase equipment. And, there is a lot of parent participation.”

Coaches are Abby O’Brien, Zach Gormley, Chance Landon, Josh Barnes, Chad Hutchinson, Darrin Nelson, Judd Jones and Tyson Suppes.