Orr offers garden gift ideas

From left, Cathy Clark, Rosemarie Hinderer, Amy Larsen and Ryan Barnett make pinecone bird feeders as gifts. (Empire Press photo/Suzanne Robinson)


By Suzanne Robinson
Empire Press Correspondent

Master Gardener Bonnie Orr presents the program “Gifts from the Garden” on Nov. 16. (Provided photo/Suzanne Robinson)

Master Gardener Bonnie Orr returned to the Waterville Library Nov. 16 for a program on “Gifts from the Garden.”

Orr has presented many programs at the library over the years. This presentation was sponsored by the Friends of the Waterville Library.

Orr has been a Master Gardener for 21 years through the Washington State University Extension. She writes a monthly column for The Good Life magazine with recipes and ideas for healthy meals using produce from the garden. Orr also appears on a TV program through Wenatchee’s NCW Life channel called “Green Thumbs & Dirty Knees.”

Growing up, Orr was often in the garden with her mother and helped her with canning and preserving of produce. She remembers her mother telling her to “sing” to the potatoes so that they would grow, which she did.

Making sachets from lavender and rose petals during the “Gifts from the Garden” program. (Empire Press photo/Suzanne Robinson)

Orr favors growing unusual vegetables and fruits. She enjoys being able to “eat out of the garden” all year long and to can and dry all of her produce.

“Gifts from the Garden” was a hands-on program where each person attending had an opportunity to make gifts from something out of the garden such as lavender or rose pedals sachets, and bird feeder pinecones.

Samples of treats made from walnuts were available and the recipes were provided. Orr also presented ways in which to attract desirable birds for a specific type of garden as well as what types of plants to keep in a garden to promote a healthy ecosystem.

For more information about the Master Gardener program, visit mastergardener.wsu.edu.