Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

Dec. 2

Bridgeport Bar, theft: 10 block of Crane Warehouse Road, $100 worth of diesel fuel was taken from a bulk field tank in an orchard. The case is inactive pending further leads.

Dec. 4

Bridgeport, suspicious: Bridgeport Elementary, someone burglarized a storage shed used for softball gear. Suspects have been identified and formally prohibited from returning to the school grounds. It has not yet been determined if anything was taken. The sheriff’s office is still doing follow-up work on the case.

Bridgeport Bar, fraud/forgery: 500 block of Highway 173, a man reported that he had been contacted by a caller who claimed to be from a debt collection company out of California. He did not give the caller any money or information.

Bridgeport, fraud/forgery: 700 block of Foster Avenue, a man reported that $4,000 had been taken out of a bank account he owns in Omak. The sheriff’s office is working with the bank fraud department and the Omak Police Department to try to find out who took the money.

Rock Island, vehicle theft: BJs Rock Island, a man reported that a company truck he was driving was stolen while it was parked at BJs Rock Island. The victim followed the truck on Highway 28 toward Quincy. The vehicle made it to Quincy, driving recklessly through residential streets. It jumped an embankment and was wrecked in a large canal. Quincy Police Department officers and Grant County Sheriff’s deputies were at the scene in addition to Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies. The Quincy Police Department officers contacted a suspect. His shoe pattern matched the pattern of the person who had walked away from the scene of the accident. His lower body was also wet and he was bleeding from the head and had visible injuries on his hand. Chris Martinez, 19, of Oregon, was arrested on charges of theft of a motor vehicle and he was booked into the Chelan County Regional Justice Center.

Dec. 5

Rock Island, vehicle prowl: 5600 block of Penn Avenue, a handgun is missing from inside a pickup truck. The owner is unsure when the gun was taken.

Rock Island, vehicle prowl: 1300 block of Center Street, an older iPod and a charging cord were taken out of an unlocked vehicle.

Dec. 6

Waterville, harass/threat: Waterville High School, a student reported that he had answered an internet personal advertisement and had received threatening messages demanding money in response.

Dec. 7

Orondo, suspicious: 21400 block of Highway 97, there was a report of a black pickup truck parked by a driveway near the highway. Two males were inside the truck. The vehicle was gone when deputies arrived.

Rock Island, property: 5500 block of Rock Island Road, a woman found a baseball hat and a cellphone in her front yard. The items were put into the evidence building at the sheriff’s office.

Waterville, harass/threat: Waterville School, two female students were reported to be sending each other threatening text messages.

Dec. 8

Bridgeport, vehicle theft: 1400 block of Tacoma Avenue, a woman went outside to warm up her vehicle at 4:30 a.m. She then went back into her home. When she returned to the vehicle and opened the car door, she saw that there was a man in the driver’s seat. He quickly put the vehicle in reverse, and the door struck the victim, knocking out a tooth and splitting her lip. The woman was transported to the hospital by family members. Her 1998 blue Honda is missing and the case is still under investigation.