Thanks for the holiday spirit

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the recent Christmas tree lighting event in Waterville. Specifically, Tina and Doug Poole, Loyd Smith, Sharon Fultz, Teri McCurry, Darlene Driver, Lisa and Michael Davies, Mike and Kathie McMahon, Michelle Mires, and the Proclaiming Brass band – Suzanne Robinson. What great community spirit these folks show when called upon to help in providing a wonderful time for our community families and friends.

Waterville Main Street thanks each and every volunteer and every person in attendance. It’s the community togetherness that makes small towns like ours work. If there’s someone in need, someone steps up to the plate to help. If there’s someone who wishes to be involved in this type of event, there’s always a place for you.

Heartfelt thanks,

Jenna Dixon

Secretary, Waterville Main Street Association