Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

Dec. 20

Bridgeport, arrest: Armando Morales Cervantes, 25, of Bridgeport, who fled the state after allegedly threatening armed violence at a Bridgeport school has been brought back to this area following his recapture in Los Angeles on Dec. 4. Morales was arrested by Los Angeles police four months after he skipped a scheduled hearing in Douglas County Superior Court on charges of felony harassment and possessing a firearm on school grounds. Morales was arrested in December 2016, after he allegedly parked in the Bridgeport High School lot while class was in session and texted threatening messages to a female student inside the school. He was released from jail a week later on $25,000 bond and entered counseling while he awaited trial, under court orders not to contact the people he had allegedly threatened. On Aug. 3, Douglas County sheriff’s deputies sought and received a new warrant for Morales’ arrest, saying he had again texted the teen girl and threatened to harm her, kidnap her child and assault police if they came for him. Morales could not be found and did not appear for an Aug. 7 court date. A Douglas County sheriff’s deputy and a Chelan County correctional officer on Dec. 20 flew to Los Angeles to take Morales into custody. He was booked into Okanogan County Jail without incident.

Dec. 27

Bridgeport, suspicious: 700 block of Fairview Avenue, there was a report of someone appearing at a residence asking for someone who did not live there.

Dec. 30

Brewster, miscellaneous: Brewster Police Department, a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy spotted a truck that had been reported stolen by the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office. The truck was driving in the oncoming lane of traffic with no headlights. When the deputy pursued it, it drove off the road and a man jumped out of the passenger side and started to run away. The deputy caught up with Jesus Torres-Molina, 19, of Bridgeport, and arrested him on charges of attempting to elude a police vehicle and obstruction of a law enforcement officer. He was turned over to the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office where he faced charges of vehicle theft.

Jan. 1

Bridgeport, weapons violation: 900 block of Maple Street, a deputy was on routine patrol just after midnight when he heard the sound of a gun discharging. After he exited the vehicle, he heard two more shots. He found two men who had a pistol and a shot gun and issued them citations for discharging the firearms.

Jan. 2

Bridgeport, malicious mischief: 1600 block of Fairview Avenue, there was a report that unknown persons had broken a front windshield sometime since Dec. 28.

Jan. 3

Bridgeport, burglary: 800 block of Fairview Avenue, a deputy was on routine patrol when he saw tracks leading to the door of a home he knew to be unoccupied. Someone had broken the door of the home open, doing about $250 damage to the door. The owner had been gone from the home since Dec. 31. Nothing was taken from inside.

Rock Island, littering: 1500 block of Ohio Street, someone witnessed people throwing a mattress and tires onto a frozen lake. After contacting the subjects, the deputy learned that the subjects had found the items at the lake.