Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

Jan. 6

Rock Island, vehicle prowl: BJ’s Rock Island, a pickup truck was entered while the owner was at the establishment and a rifle taken from inside. The victim was able to recover the rifle through information provided by a friend.

Bridgeport: 1200 block of Columbia Avenue, there was a report of occupants moving back and forth between two parked vehicles behind the M & R Supermarket. Deputies contacted three people at the scene. Two of them were arrested on warrants. The third person admitted to using controlled substances in the car. She gave consent to search the vehicle and the deputies located controlled substances inside. Therese Frances Donley, 35, of Spokane, was arrested and booked into Okanogan County Jail on charges of possession of controlled substances.

Jan. 8

Rock Island, vehicle prowl: 5900 block of Penn Avenue, an unlocked vehicle was entered and items in the glove compartment and other compartments were rifled through. A pair of designer sunglasses valued at $790 was taken.

Jan. 9

Bridgeport, traffic violation: a deputy on routine patrol stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. The passenger in the car matched a person known to have warrants. The deputy confirmed the warrants and attempted to take the person into custody. The person tried to shed his coat saying it belonged to someone else. He struggled with the deputy who then handcuffed him. In the coat pocket the deputy found a baggy filled with a substance he suspected to be methamphetamine. The subject, Olegario Duran, 34, of Bridgeport, was arrested and booked for possession of methamphetamine and a misdemeanor warrant.

Rock Island, theft: 5500 block of Rock Island Road, a package containing coffee was stolen from the front steps of a residence.

Rock Island, theft: 10 block of Hanna Avenue, four tires worth approximately $500 were taken from behind a residence.

Orondo, suspicious: a man received a phone call from a Mexican phone number in which the caller claimed to be a cousin and was asking for information. The reporting party did not give out any information.

Rock Island, vehicle prowl: 10 block of N. Garden Avenue, a stereo, tools and a reflector construction jacket valued together at $235 were taken from an unlocked vehicle during the previous night.

Rock Island, possession of stolen property: BJ’s Rock Island, a deputy arrived at the location to follow up on a report of a suspicious vehicle. The deputy looked up the license plate on the vehicle and found that the plate had been stolen out of Las Vegas. Law enforcement officials in that jurisdiction requested that the plate and the vehicle be impounded. A suspect was contacted within the establishment and said that he got the plate from a friend and was aware it was stolen. The suspect was found to have a misdemeanor warrant out of Chelan County and was taken into custody on that warrant. He was also cited for third-degree possession of stolen property.

Jan. 10

Rock Island, littering: 10 block of Rock Island Grade Road, Chelan County PUD employees reported broken electronics and trash had been dumped in the location of the PUD water tower. The sheriff’s office did some investigation based on names found on some documents among the trash, but were not able to locate the people whose names they had found.