Douglas County Sheriff’s Report


Jan. 13

Waterville, no injury accident: 100 block of E. Locust Street, a woman returned from shopping at the Waterville Family Grocery and found damage had been done to the passenger door of her vehicle. There are no suspects.

Jan. 14

Bridgeport, fraud/forgery: the reporting party received a call from a subject claiming to be from Google and saying that Russian hackers had been trying to break into his computer. The caller asked for information to access the victim’s computer so he could help solve the problem. The victim granted access and the caller attempted to sell him some software. There was no indication that the caller obtained any other information.

Jan. 15

Bridgeport, drugs: 1200 block of Columbia Avenue, deputies contacted a subject in a vehicle. Through the contact, the deputies learned that the subject had a felony warrant for an immigration violation. When the man was taken into custody, deputies found a container of a substance that they believed to be heroin. The vehicle was seized pending a search warrant. The man was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. Alfonso Hernandez-Avila, 37, of Wenatchee, was booked into Okanogan County Jail.

Jan. 16

Waterville, scam: a woman met someone on a dating website who tried to get money out of her. She didn’t give the man any money.

Jan. 17

Bridgeport, disturbance: Bridgeport Middle School, parents were called to the school after an altercation between two students. The school requested assistance from the sheriff’s office in dealing with one of the sets of parents.