Mansfield students celebrate achievement with pizza party

This story was updated on 01/16/18.


By Adrienne Douke
Empire Press Correspondent

Third and fourth grade students at Mansfield School were treated to a pizza party on Dec. 13 in honor of their good behavior, improved grades, accountability, excellent leadership skills and respectfulness in the classroom.

“Good behavior and academic improvement earned this party and the kids worked hard to have it,” said teacher Cathy Massee.

Katie Peet, special education director, helped come up with the idea for the pizza party.

The goal for the class was to earn 100 points. They exceeded that to earn 200 points total.

“We couldn’t be happier for their hard work,” Massee added.

Good behavior points were earned by students coming to class ready to learn, starting their morning work packet, staying on task and getting in line quietly without being told.

“As a first year teacher, I am surprised at how much I enjoy teaching and working with my students,” Massee said. “I am very proud of my class.”

Parapro Renee Buchmann said, “From my position as a para, I have seen marked improvement in our students. They worked hard and we are seeing greater success with better school work and good behavior. I’m very happy about their success.”

Students received awards and certificates for their accomplishments.

The following third grade students were honored:

John Vasquez: most improved speller

Kayden Cooper: awesome friend and math skills

Kimberly DeLosantos: honor roll student, excellent reading and perfect attendance

Malachi Rogers: excellent reading and math skills

Travis Smeltzer: best reader

Mitchell Wall: most improved speller

Remington Wisdom: best barrel racer

The following fourth grade students were honored:

Jack Hessman: math wizard extraordinaire

Whitney Lowman: most improved speller

Vernon Mendoza: great sportsmanship

Joyce McGraw: leadership and spelling skills

“I’m glad I got recognized for my improvement in spelling and my handwriting,” said Whitney Lowman.

Principal Shane Bird attended the party and said, “It’s really nice to see them proud of what they’ve accomplished and enjoying the fruits of their labor.”

Kayden Cooper said, “We had to work really hard every day to get to 200 points. We made it. The pizza is so good and I’m proud of myself.”

The pre-Christmas celebration was a great way for the students and staff to begin the holiday season. It also reinforced desired school standards and behavior, and provided a platform of recognition for student success.

Massee concluded, “I am glad that giving the kids a reason to be motivated for good behavior and to excel by earning points for a pizza party turned out so well.”