Vote yes for the levy

The Waterville School District will be running a replacement educational programs and operations levy in February. We urge everyone to vote YES for the replacement levy.

This levy is critical to funding staff, food service, art and music programs, extra-curricular programs and the maintenance and operation of the school facilities. The new state levy funding formula negatively impacts revenue that the Waterville School District uses to fund these items. Even with passing the levy, cuts to staffing, student programs and district facility maintenance will be necessary. It is important to minimize the loss of funds by passing this levy.

There will be community informational meetings by the levy committee during the next month. We encourage you to attend a meeting or ask questions to get a better understanding of the levy and the impact of new state levy funding formulas.

Waterville has a long tradition of supporting our schools and providing the best education possible for our students. Let us all continue to support our students’ education by voting yes for the levy.

Harry and Phyllis Browning