Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

Jan. 26

Rock Island, fraud/forgery: a woman noticed that $2,000 was missing from her bank account. She is working with her bank to try to solve the problem.

Rock Island, trespass: BJ’s Truck Stop, an employee reported that a person who had previously been prohibited from entering the premises had returned. The subject had left the scene prior to the arrival of the deputy. He was contacted and cited for trespassing.

Orondo, burglary: 200 block of E. Marine View Drive, a victim, who had been away from a residence for about a month, found that there was blood smeared on the windows and doors. Sheriff’s office personnel collected evidence and are investigating.

Waterville, no injury accident: Badger Mountain Road and Hummingbird Road, a Jeep Wrangler slid into a ditch and hit a garbage can. The vehicle had left the scene when the deputy arrived. The sheriff’s office was not able to determine who had been driving the Jeep.

Jan. 28

Palisades, trespass: 10 block of Douglas Creek Road, a property owner reported that there was an unoccupied Ford Escape parked on his property. The deputy was able to locate a suspect, who admitted to trespassing. He was cited for trespassing in the second degree and was released.

Rock Island, graffiti: BJ’s Rock Island, someone wrote on the mirrors in the men’s bathroom with a marker.

Jan. 29

Bridgeport, animal problem: 1600 block of Tacoma Ave., a deputy responded to a report of a pit bull running at large. The dog was located and the owner was issued an infraction for dog-at-large first offense.

Waterville, property: Kopey’s Café, someone left a wallet with drugs inside it in a booth. The wallet did not contain identification and the deputy was unable to determine who it belonged to. The contents of the wallet were destroyed.

Mansfield, aircraft: Mansfield Airport, deputies responded to a report of a single-engine aircraft that had made an emergency landing at the airport around 8 p.m. They contacted the pilot who said the plane had almost flipped when it landed and had slid off the runway. The pilot and a passenger had left Snohomish Airport and the pilot had become disoriented by clouds or fog. They crossed the mountains and the pilot was told by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials to land at the nearest airport. Snow was on the runway and the plane was not able to make a smooth landing. The plane was left at the location until arrangements could be made to plow it out. The sheriff’s office worked with the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board to provide information about the incident. The two agencies will perform a follow-up investigation. The plane sustained minor damage. The pilot and his passenger were uninjured.

Jan. 30

Mansfield, burglary: 200 block of Douglas Street, the reporting party returned home to find that a jewelry box had been gone through and jewelry was missing. Drawers had also been removed. The sheriff’s office is working with the homeowner to determine if anything else is missing. The investigation is ongoing.

Jan. 31

Bridgeport Bar, trespass: Berry Street and Whitlam Avenue, a property owner reported that neighbors had been piling snow and garbage on his property and that their children had built a snow fort on the property and were playing in it. He stores equipment on the property and was worried that the children could be hurt. The issue was resolved by contact with the parents.

Feb. 1

Waterville, trespass: Waterville School, a document prohibiting a past student from entering the school grounds had expired and was renewed.

Rock Island, disturbance: 100 block of Hanna Place, there was a physical altercation between roommates. The deputy was unable to determine who the primary aggressor was. The roommates were separated and agreed to stay away from each other.

Feb. 2

Orondo, trespass: 200 block of Vineyard Drive, a woman reported that her mother was at the location in a vehicle and was refusing to leave. The mother had left by the time the deputy arrived. The deputy searched the area and located the woman and vehicle at Cider Works. Toni Carver, 51, of Waterville, was arrested and taken into custody on charges of DUI.