Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

Feb. 3

Rock Island, trespass: BJ’s Rock Island, the sheriff’s office was contacted for help in removing a patron from the establishment. The person voluntarily left by the time the deputy arrived.

Bridgeport, miscellaneous: 1100 block of Fairview Avenue, a vehicle was stopped for not using a turn signal. The deputy noticed a gun case in the vehicle. A passenger in the vehicle, who was the registered owner, was a convicted felon. The deputy applied for and obtained a warrant to search the vehicle. He recovered several firearms as well as ammunition. One of the firearms had been stolen in a burglary in Tonasket two years ago. Suspected drugs were found in a syringe. Daniel James Marsden, 27, of Omak, was booked into Okanogan County Jail on charges of possession of stolen firearms, possession of a loaded weapon in a vehicle and unlawful possession of a controlled substance. Rebecca Nicole Norton, 28, of Coulee Dam, was booked on charges of possession of stolen firearms and possession of a loaded weapon in a vehicle.


Feb. 5

Rock Island, trespass: Columbia Siding Road, the Grant County PUD River Patrol reported a woman trespassing at a historical site. The patrol had warned the woman not to remove any historical material from the site. The deputy found several arrowheads in her possession and these were confiscated. The sheriff’s office is working with the Grant County PUD to determine whether or not charges will be pressed against the woman.

Bridgeport, animal problem: 1600 block of Tacoma Avenue, a subject had been given five days to remove a pit bull from his property as it is a violation of city ordinance to keep this breed. A deputy witnessed the pit bull at the property after the five days had passed. The owner was issued an infraction.

Rock Island, suspicious: 100 block of Hanna Place, when a woman returned home she witnessed someone running from her residence and saw that the contents of a makeup bag were scattered on her bed. The woman did not notice anything missing or see any damage. She suspects that the intruder was someone with a key to the home.


Feb. 6

Bridgeport, harass/threat: 100 block of 4th Street, the reporting party had received letters from a subject who was incarcerated in the Okanogan County Jail. The person requested the sheriff’s office contact the incarcerated person so that no more letters are sent.


Feb. 7

Rock Island, recovered stolen vehicle: 1400 block of Douglas Street, just after midnight a deputy spotted a vehicle parked in an orchard. The vehicle, a 2005 red Honda Civic, had been reported stolen out of Wenatchee. The deputy located a tent about 25 yards from the vehicle and contacted someone in the tent who had an outstanding arrest warrant. The person was taken into custody. Sheriff’s office personnel do not believe that this was the person who stole the vehicle and are still investigating the case.

Rock Island, malicious mischief: 1400 block of Center Street, a landlord reported damage done to a door during a dispute with a tenant.


Feb. 8

Rock Island, vehicle theft: Highway 28 and Nature Shores Drive, while working in an orchard, a man witnessed someone enter his vehicle and attempt to take it. He stopped the person and she left with $60 from his wallet. The man witnessed the woman leave in a brown truck. He got the license plate of the truck and the deputy caught up with the truck as it headed toward Wenatchee. A man was also in the vehicle with the woman. The sheriff’s office is still working with the victim to identify if these two people were involved.

Rock Island, malicious mischief: 1400 block of Center Street, the reporting party said that her father had witnessed a family member remove appliances from a flatbed and throw them against a trailer. Damage was done to a drier, a washer and a travel trailer. The family member denied that the damage was intentional. The case will be sent to the prosecutor’s office for review.

Bridgeport Bar, juvenile problem: deputies driving on Highway 173 noticed a female juvenile in the passenger seat of an oncoming vehicle who had been reported as a runaway. The juvenile was contacted and taken into Okanogan County Juvenile Detention for a misdemeanor truancy warrant.

Bridgeport Bar, vehicle prowl: 10 block of Moe Road, the reporting party was loading a Subaru Outback with fishing gear when he heard a hawk and went to check on his chickens, leaving the hatchback of the vehicle open. While he was checking on the chickens, he heard a vehicle drive up. When he returned to his vehicle, three fishing rods with reels and a fish finder were gone. There are no suspects.