Federated Church Coffee Klatch provides coffee, conversation

By Karen Larsen
Empire Press Correspondent

Every Wednesday morning during the winter months, the Waterville Federated Church fellowship hall turns into a mini-café with coffee, tea and baked goods available — along with good doses of conversation.

The Coffee Klatch, as the gathering is known, came into being about three years ago when Bruce and Cathy Clark of the Blue Rooster began closing their café during the winter months. Some of those who had been accustomed to going to the Blue Rooster for coffee in the morning decided that it would be nice to have something available at the church.

One of the founding members is Phyllis Browning. She still comes each week and stays about an hour then cleans up at the end. Roger Heiserman arrives early to get the coffee started and get everything set up. Baked treats to accompany the coffee sometimes are purchased and sometimes are items that participants bake and bring to share.

The gathering brings in not only church members, but anyone who likes coffee and conversation.

Allen Henning, Phyllis Browning and Seth Normington have coffee together at the Federated Church on Jan. 31. (Empire Press photo/Karen Larsen)

Allen Henning, who moved to Waterville from Sequim about three years ago, attends regularly.

Henning said he comes “just because I like these people.”

Seth Normington, pastor of the Federated Church, also attends each week.

“It’s a nice place for fellowship and hanging out,” Normington said.

Typical conversation topics include the weather, sports, travel, work and local sports results.

“There’s no agenda,” Browning said.

One of the nice things about the coffee time, according to Browning, is that it provides a chance for new residents in the community to meet people. Browning, a longtime resident, has gotten to know several newcomers through the coffee time.

Henning agreed.

“That’s how I’ve gotten acquainted with as many people as I have,” he said.

Browning enjoys taking a walk in the morning, when conditions allow, and then sitting down for a cup of coffee and conversation afterwards.

“It’s a good way to spend a winter morning,” she said.

The Coffee Klatch is held at the church from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. Wednesdays until the Blue Rooster opens the first week in April. There is a donation can provided for those who wish to contribute something towards the purchase of the refreshments.

For more information about the Coffee Klatch, contact Browning at 670-4421.