Waterville/Mansfield Junior High volleyball begins the season

Eighth grade players are Joslyn Lucero, Johnna Hope, Haley Vargas, Bailey Viebrock, Ella Osborne and Macy Corey. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)


By James Robinson
Empire Press Correspondent

Feb. 12 marked the beginning of?this season’s Waterville/Mansfield Junior High volleyball program.

Twenty-two students, in grades?6 through 8, were on hand for the initial practice with 13 from Waterville and nine from Mansfield.

Practice began with head coach Melissa Flaget explaining her expectations of the girls.

?Some of you are here to learn the game, others to get better at the game of volleyball. This is a team sport. If you do not understand something?? ?ask?,? Flaget said and explained there would be repeated drills of the basics of the game.

?Trust your teammate that she will get the ball when she needs to,? she added.

The first drill was learning to keep moving so when the ball moves to the player, it will be centered with their body.

Assistant coach Thera Moore said all the eighth graders are returning players, as are most of the seventh graders.


Seventh grade players are Alexa Garcia, Cali DeFord, Harlie Zones, Elsie Munson, Eava Wood, Julie Ashley, Madyson Regallie, Brielle Farrington and Alysha McGraw. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)


Sixth grade players Evalee Shafer, Caroline Petersen, Lily DeShazer, Natalie Tendon, Jemena Garcia, Tiera Miller and Jasmine Garcia. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)


Student helper Claire Ashley, head coach Melissa Flaget and assistant coach Thera Moore. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)