Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

Feb. 23

Bridgeport, burglary: 700 block of Fairview Avenue, a person who was watching an apartment for friends found the front door open. It is not yet known if anything was taken from the residence. A pry bar was collected as evidence.

Feb. 24

Rock Island, burglary: Bremmer Pit, someone broke a lock on a building and took four batteries, two settling tanks and an oxygen tank from inside. The total value of the items is estimated at $1,500.

Feb. 25

Bridgeport, fraud/forgery: Quik E Mart, at about 3 a.m. on Feb. 23, someone claiming to be from a company that sells phone cards to the establishment called and said he needed the PIN numbers off some of the phone cards on sale there. The night worker gave the information to him. When an employee of Quick E Mart later called the company to ask about the call it was discovered that it was a scam. Quik E Mart lost $500 in phone cards.

Feb. 26

Bridgeport, burglary: 2000 block of Foster Creek Avenue, a storage shed was broken into sometime over the last month. A compound bow worth $100 is missing. It appears that the burglar entered through a window. There are no leads.

March 1

Bridgeport, harass/threat: a teenager received threatening messages from another teenager. The case was closed through contact with the parents of the teenagers.

March 2

Bridgeport, vehicle theft: 1500 block of Columbia Avenue, a woman started a 1993 Honda at about 4:45 a.m. and then went back into her residence for a moment. The vehicle was gone when she returned. There are no leads.