Our Past | 1932: Waterville looking to have local baseball team

Selected by Karen Larsen

During the early part of the century it was common for small communities to have their own sports teams not necessarily connected to the local school. The following article published in the March 31, 1932 edition of the Waterville Empire-Press tells of plans for the town’s baseball team.


Waterville May Be in The League

It begins to look as though Waterville may have a ball team in the Wenatchee Valley League. Representatives of the local team wrote to Mr. Pinkerton, president of the league, at Cashmere the first of this week asking that Waterville be admitted and it is thought an answer will be forthcoming tomorrow.

It will be either a six-team or nine-team league. At present Cashmere, Monitor, Dryden, Peshastin and Entiat have signified their intentions of entering teams and if the league is confined to six teams, this leaves a place open for either Wenatchee or Waterville. As Wenatchee is enlarging its city league this season, it is thought that perhaps it will not have a team in the Wenatchee Valley League.

Since the publication of the article in our last week’s issue relative to a team here this year, considerable interest has been taken and it is thought that businessmen and others will lend their support to the Waterville team provided it enters the league. There is a great amount of good baseball talent in Waterville and there is no reason why we should not be represented by a strong aggregation.

The following players are available: Marion Bartholomew, Paul Burke, Charles Jensen, Harold Jensen, Verl Ewing, Lionel Knemeyer, Roy Bartholomew, Oliver Nelson, Earl Rock, Elbert Sellers, Gale Beard, Harrison Crow and Mike Crow. A little later, Robin Dickson and Myron Estill, who are now away at school, will be available.

The battery will probably be Verl Ewing and Lionel Knemeyer, with Marion Bartholomew at short; Oliver Nelson, first base; Charles Nelson, second base; and Paul Burke, third base. This will leave ample material for outfield positions.

Ralph Ewing will act as coach. A meeting will probably be held next week to arrange a schedule.