Our Past | 1975: Residents encouraged to attend ambulance fundraiser

Selected by Karen Larsen

The following article published in the March 13, 1975 edition of the Waterville Empire Press talks about an ambulance fundraiser at a local café. A separate advertisement noted that the menu included stuffed cabbage, stuffed green peppers, homemade corn beef and cabbage, roast beef, pork and oysters. Sounds like something of a St. Patrick’s Day feast!


Local Ambulance Fund Benefit Sunday

A series of free smorgasbords will begin here Sunday, March 16, at Herb’s Big Bend Café in Waterville for the benefit of the local ambulance fund.

Herb Hauso, owner of Big Bend Café, kicked off the drive for a new ambulance this week with a substantial cash donation to Eldon Hawkins.

“We know folks appreciate that a good, reliable ambulance together with trained personnel is our link with outside medical service. We are indeed fortunate we have such a dedicated director as Eldon Hawkins who has trained two other men here. The very least we can do is to see that they have a good vehicle to install the latest equipment and emergency facilities — including communications with the hospital and sheriff’s office — that the folks in the Big Bend area have purchased,” Hauso said recently.

At the annual meeting of the Douglas County Health Services, it was emphasized that the ambulance is now the property of the Big Bend folks who donated funds.

For those who are unable to make the free smorgasbord but want to do their share in donating for the ambulance, they can send their donations to Ambulance Fund, Box 357, Waterville.

Hawkins said that the present ambulance will be parked outside Big Bend Café on Sunday during the smorgasbord for all to see and inspect the equipment. On Wednesday, Hawkins and his trained personnel met with representatives of a firm that builds ambulances to get the latest estimate on overall cost. The present ambulance is five years old.