Clean up day in Mansfield

Mansfield community member Clint Wall helps unload unwanted items during the Mansfield Spring Clean Up held April 14. (Empire Press photo/Adrienne Douke)


By Adrienne Douke
Empire Press Correspondent

Mansfield Superintendent of Public Works Jesse Shafer operates a backhoe, hoisting a couch into one of the two dumpsters provided for the Mansfield Spring Clean Up April 14. (Empire Press photo/Adrienne Douke)

The town of Mansfield and Consolidated Disposal Services Inc. sponsored a community cleanup day for Mansfield residents on April 14 from 9  a.m. to noon.

Mansfield residents were encouraged to dispose of unwanted items that would normally require payment for disposal.

Community members were encouraged to bring recyclables to the recycling center such as telephones, stereos, mattresses and box springs, furniture, toys, tires, fencing, yard debris, hoses, bicycle and lawn mower parts, inner tubes, gardening implements, and clothing.

Participants were advised not to bring pesticide or pesticide containers, paint, household hazardous wastes or chemicals, alkaline batteries, aerosol, oil, demolition debris, fertilizer, weed killer or fuel.

There was a disposal fee of $8.00 for passenger tires on rims and $5.00 without rims.

Mansfield residents started loading up their trucks and trailers early in the week to dispose of unwanted items. The spring community cleanup is an annual event everyone looks forward to.

Getting rid of items unused, broken and cluttering up marks the beginning of spring-cleaning. Houses and yards require sorting out, and now is the time for that. Two big dumpsters were available for furniture and home items, and another for yard debris.

Both dumpsters filled up fast.

Longtime Mansfield community member Louise Glessner loaded her truck up early Saturday morning with yard debris. ”Leaves, mostly last year’s leaves,” Glessner said.

Glessner made several trips, making the most of the opportunity. “I took several loads of leaves to the cleanup. I appreciate that the town offers this community service. We look forward to it every year.”

Mansfield Superintendent of Public Works, Jesse Shafer, operated a backhoe to load unwanted items into the dumpsters while long time community member, Clint Wall, assisted friends and neighbors with unloading their trucks and trailers.

Mansfield City Clerk, Tricia Sima, said, “It is a great opportunity for our Mansfield residents to dispose of unwanted items, and clean up their yards and homes, it’s an important community service that we all benefit from. Thank you volunteers for making this event a success.”