Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

March 23

Orondo, burglary: 10 block of Barber Road, the reporting party returned to her home to find the window of the back door shattered. The deputy searched the home and did not find anyone inside it. He walked the reporting party through the home and she did not notice anything missing. There was a trailer hitch left on the back porch which looks to have been used to break the window. The replacement cost for the window is about $300.

March 24

Rock Island, theft: BJ’s Rock Island, a man known in the establishment approached a worker and said he didn’t have any money and asked if he could go to the back room to get a beer. He was told he couldn’t. The worker then discovered that the man took the beer anyway. The deputy was unable to locate the subject, but will issue him a citation for theft.

March 26

Bridgeport, warrant: 400 block of 16th Street, a Douglas County deputy was on routine patrol when he spotted a man he believed to have a felony warrant from the Department of Corrections. The suspect ran into an apartment and hid. When deputies arrived to investigate, a woman at the apartment said the man had left. The woman then told the deputies the person they’d seen run inside was her daughter. She finally consented to let the deputies inside. They found the suspect, Derrick Charley, 24, of Omak, hiding under a box spring. He was arrested without incident and transported to the Okanogan County Jail. The woman, Michelle Olvera-Cruz, 28, of Bridgeport, was arrested for rendering criminal assistance and transported to the Okanogan County Jail without incident.

Rock Island, theft: EZ Storage, two batteries valued at $350 were stolen from a storage compartment. Video footage is being viewed to see if it can be determined who took the batteries.

Bridgeport, property: 2600 block of Foster Creek Avenue, a sergeant was advised that there was a bag containing personal property hanging on a pole at the location. The sergeant located the bag but was not able to determine who it belonged to.

March 27

Bridgeport, drugs: Douglas and Monroe Street, RiverCom received a hang-up call from the area. The deputy located a vehicle in that vicinity. There was a woman inside the car crying and a man standing outside of the vehicle. The deputy contacted the subjects and determined there had been no violence. He did, however, find the man to be in possession of methamphetamine. Adrian Ambriz-Valdovinos, 23, of Bridgeport, was arrested for possession of methamphetamine. He was transported and booked into the Okanogan County Jail without incident.

Bridgeport, littering: 2600 block of Highland Drive, Douglas County Transportation and Land Services reported litter at a location. The deputy went to investigate and found appliances, furniture, loose garbage and household items. There was nothing in the garbage that could identify who had dumped it there.

March 29

Rimrock, harass/threat: 200 block of Paso Fino Court, the reporting party said that someone was harassing him regarding items he was selling on Craigslist. The person accused of harassing had thought that the items being sold were ones that had been stolen from him. The person was told to contact the Ephrata Police Department about his stolen items, and to stop harassing the reporting party.

Rock Island, trespass: Freemont Avenue and Rock Island Drive, a woman reported that some people had parked a trailer on her property and had been living there without permission for two weeks. The deputy talked with the people and they agreed to leave.

Bridgeport, suspicious: 2200 block of Monroe Avenue, the reporting party was upset because she had thought she had heard someone banging on her windows. The deputy checked the area and was not able to locate anyone.