Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

March 31

Bridgeport, graffiti: M & R Market, gang graffiti in black spray paint was found on the building. The graffiti was sprayed on the building after 11 p.m. on March 30.

Trinidad, trespass: 400 block of Stuhlmiller Road, a property owner found three trucks parked next to a “No Trespassing” sign. The deputy searched the area for motorcyclists but could not find any. He took photos of the vehicles and documented the license plates. Sheriff’s office personnel have not yet been able to contact the owners of the vehicles.

Bridgeport, graffiti: 13th Street and Columbia Avenue, fresh gang graffiti in black spray paint was reported on a stop sign and on the wall of a building.


April 1

Waterville, suspicious: NCW Fairgrounds, there was a report of a man picking up golf balls from a golf range. The deputy located the man and found that he was collecting the golf balls so that he could try to sell them back to golfers. The fair manager did not want to press charges, but requested that the golf balls be returned. The sheriff’s office took possession of the golf balls and will return them to the fairgrounds.


April 3

Bridgeport, disturbance: Columbia Avenue and 12th Street, two men working were approached by another two men who yelled and cursed at them, saying that they wanted to fight. One of the men was carrying a metal pipe. The two subjects took off running when they saw a deputy approach. The deputy was not able to catch them at that time, but recovered the metal pipe and sent out an attempt to locate notice. The two men were located on April 5 by the Omak Police Department. One was cited for disorderly conduct, harassment and possession of a dangerous weapon. The other was cited for harassment and disorderly conduct.

Waterville, harass/threat: 100 block of N. Chelan Avenue, a man was accused of threatening people who he believed had provided his son with heroin that had caused an overdose. The reporting party did not wish to press charges and the man agreed to not make any more threats.


April 5

Waterville, fraud/forgery: a woman reported receiving a letter from the IRS saying that there was reason to believe that her Social Security number had been compromised. The deputy found the letter to be legitimate. He provided the woman with a case number and gave her information on how to protect her identity.