Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

April 14

Rock Island, theft: BJ’s Rock Island, a man parked his cargo trailer at BJ’s Rock Island for about an hour. When he got back to the trailer he noticed a side door on the cargo trailer was open. When he arrived in Quincy, he saw that a television worth about $800 was missing from the trailer. There are no suspects.

Palisades, trespass: 10 block of Douglas Creek Road, a property owner reported a vehicle parked on her property. The vehicle was gone when the deputy arrived.

Waterville, suspicious: 300 block of E. Birch St., there was a report of a possible gunshot. The deputy was not able to locate anything unusual in the area.

April 15

Bridgeport, property: 1200 block of Fairview Ave., a search of a property located four stolen rifles, ammunition, scopes, a range finder and miscellaneous shooting supplies valued at $4,700. A small amount of methamphetamine was also located. The deputies arrested a man and three of his sons on several charges. Guadalupe M. Martinez, Sr., 52, of Bridgeport was arrested on charges of possession of stolen firearms, possession of stolen property second degree and possession of a controlled substance. Guadalupe C. Martinez, Jr., 27 and Alex Martinez, 23, both of Bridgeport were arrested on charges of possession of a stolen firearm and possession of stolen property second degree. Noel Martinez, 21, of Bridgeport was arrested on charges of possession of a stolen firearm, possession of stolen property second degree and attempted trafficking in stolen property first degree. The items were believed to have been stolen in a December 2017 burglary in Okanogan County.

April 16

Orondo, fraud/forgery: someone reported having been victim to a scam involving a caller who claimed to be from a debt consolidation company. The reporting party sent some money to the caller through a Walmart card.

April 17

Rock Island, suspicious: 10 block of 4th St. S.W., a business owner said that there was someone at the location taking photos of his business. The person had left by the time the deputy arrived.

April 18

Bridgeport, weapons violation: 1100 block of Fairview Ave., several separate callers reported hearing six gunshots. The deputy contacted a subject who the callers suspected of firing the shots. The subject said he did not own a gun. The deputy examined the area for evidence, but was not able to find any.

Waterville, malicious mischief: 100 block of N. Chelan Ave., screws were found scattered under a vehicle. Security footage revealed a man wearing a hoodie intentionally throwing the screws under the vehicle. The deputy will review the footage to see if he can determine a suspect.

April 19

Bridgeport, miscellaneous: Bridgeport High School, a student and parent reported that a student at the school was selling brownies infused with marijuana to other students. The deputy contacted the school and searched the suspected student’s locker. No evidence was found.

Mansfield, drugs: 100 block of S. Mansfield Blvd. there was a report of suspected drug activity occurring at a trailer parked across from the park. When the deputy arrived at the scene there was no evidence of activity. The deputy will follow up with the report at another time.