Our Past | 1966: Waterville girls receive honors for Camp Fire work

Selected by Karen Larsen

Ronda (Daling) Cordill, who is now a resident of Cheney, was highlighted in this article about the Camp Fire Grand Council Fire published in the April 21, 1966 edition of The Waterville Empire-Press. Cordill said she remembers the annual event as being a special ceremony of culmination after a year of hard work.

“You really wanted to show the best of you,” Cordill said.

During the ceremony, the girls each wore collars in a Native American style that displayed the badges and beads they had earned.

Local Girls Get Camp Fire Honors

Over 300 Camp Fire girls from NCW took part in a Grand Council Fire at Eastmont High School gym on Saturday, April 16. The girls in their ceremonial gowns and Camp Fire costumes sitting in a huge circle made a very impressive scene.

Girls from the fourth grade through high school take part and receive national membership honors that they have earned during the past year.

A beautiful part of the ceremony and one of the highlights of the evening was the awarding of torches to 20 girls in junior high and high school. A Torchbearer band is awarded in a special field when a girl has completed specific requirements and represents a considerable amount of individual work.

Two Waterville girls receiving their first torch were Marcia Rivers and Ronda Daling. Marcia received hers in cooking and Ronda in sewing.

Each Torchbearer has the privilege of presenting her mother with a corsage and receiving for herself a white taper as a symbol of the torch.

Marcia and Ronda are standing by a lovely centerpiece surrounding the three candles of Camp Fire that represent work, health and love. (This describes a photo accompanying the article.)

Gilbert Edwards, director of a dancing group from Washington Elementary School in Wenatchee, presented his group in a series of dances from all nationalities. Their performance was vigorous and sparkling and fascinating to watch.

National honors awarded to Waterville girls are:

Needlework guild: Ronda Daling, Patty Carroll, Myrna Driver, Diana Slagle, Eileen Hill, Marcia Rivers, Terri Daling, Roberta Driver and Terri White.

Gifts abroad: Ronda Daling, Mary Jacobsen, Myrna Driver, Diana Slagle, Eileen Hill, Marcia Rivers, Patty Carroll, Terri Daling, Roberta Driver, Connie Dennis, Terri White, Kathleen Rivers, Judy Hill, Terry Andrews, Lynne Carroll, Janis Kendrick, Darlene Ulrich, Amy Buse, Monika Burke, Linda Thomsen and Gina Osborne.

Three-year membership honor: Gina Osborne.

Five-year membership honor: Rebecca Firoved.