Our Past | 1972: Apollo Club gives its annual performance in Waterville

Selected by Karen Larsen

The Wenatchee Apollo Club made annual appearances in Waterville until just a few years ago. Most recently, the performances were held at the Federated Church, but before that performances were held in the school gym. The following article about a successful concert was published in the April 20, 1972 edition of The Waterville Empire-Press.


Apollo Club Choral Group Well-Received

By Sarah L. Ordway

The Apollo Club concert Friday night was, as usual, the highlight of cultural events for Waterville. Superintendent Merrill R. Smith was relieved and delighted, as were many, to see a good turnout — the first time that more chairs had to be retrieved from their hiding places.

“It’s just a shame,” he said prior to the concert, “that with such good entertainment as the Apollo Club, in years past we haven’t even ‘dirtied the floor’ with the mini-sized crowds we had.”

The Waterville performance is usually the first on the circuit and is sort of a bell-weather for concerts to come. The club under the longtime direction of Ed Sand, Eastmont music teacher, always enjoys coming here — both as a “dress rehearsal” and for the party afterward. We would feel it would be partly our fault if they didn’t get their itinerary off to a good start by honoring us with their first performance of the year.

They have many new numbers but still retain lots of their former ones to sing at the party afterward. Dana Sisson, also an Eastmont teacher, is the capable accompanist. All the songs are memorized by the men and embellished with elan in story-telling fashion. Dana had some more intriguing accompaniments than usual, which she rendered artistically and meaningfully.

The local high school chorus under the direction of Phil Kendrick, (with) Deanna Thomsen accompanying, also delivered some memorized songs as a pleasing interlude. They were harmoniously a whole of lilting melodious parts.

Mrs. Weldon Barnes took charge of a reception and refreshments with the help of some of her church ladies and a number of others, who graciously furnished and served a generous supper fare.