Community foundation awards $90,000 to schools

NCW — The Community foundation of NCW has awarded $90,000 Stronger Schools Grants to North Central Washington Schools.

The annual grant provides up to $5,000 per school or school district to support programs that enhance student learning and engagement and the foundation recieved 30 applications from across the region.

The following schools were awarded:

  • Castle Rock Early Childhood Learning Center, $2,500 “Training”
  • Beaver Valley School, $4,500 “The Grassy Hill”
  • Brewster Elementary School, $3,000 “Book Up Summer”
  • East Omak Elementary School, $4,000 “Eagles Orchestra support”
  • Lewis and Clark Elementary School, $4,000 “Performing Arts Experience”
  • Lincoln Elementary School, $5,000 “Islandwood: A School in the Woods”
  • Methow Valley Elementary School, $2,500 “Ukuleles in the Classroom”
  • Tonasket Elementary School, $5,000 “Virtual Reality Expeditions”
  • Virginia Grainger Elementary School, $3,000 “World Music in the Classroom”
  • Washington Elementary School, $4,000 “Just Get Out!”
  • Foothills Middle School, $4,000 “Robotics Program”
  • Icicle River Middle School, $4,000 “Book Collection”
  • Manson Options Middle School, $2,500 “Salish Sea Expedition”
  • Pioneer Middle School, $3,000 “6th Grade Science/Leadership Camp”
  • Independent Learning Center, $5,000 “Mentorship Program”
  • Lake Roosevelt High School, $5,000 “Natural Helpers Re-boot”
  • Tonasket Choice High School, $3,000 “Positive Behavior Rewards Program”
  • Wenatchee High School, $4,000 “Class of 2019 College Access and Support Project”
  • WestSide High School, $3,500 “Fall Teambuilding and Leadership at Stonewater Ranch”
  • Eastmont School District, $4,500 “Eastmont Summer Library Program”
  • Multi-District (led by Wenatchee School District), $5,000 “Deaf and Hard of Hearing Family Advocacy Nights”
  • Tonasket School District, $5,000 “Tonasket School Garden expansion”
  • Wenatchee School District, $4,000 “Transportation for After School Programs”