Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

April 29

Bridgeport, warrant: 700 block of Fairview Ave., Douglas County deputies received information that a warrant suspect, Morningstar St. Peter, 20, of Spokane, was hiding at a residence. They went to the house and knocked on the door. When a woman, the renter, answered the door, the deputies inquired if St. Peter was there. At first the woman gave conflicting stories, then she went back in the house and came out with St. Peter. St. Peter was arrested without incident and transported to the Okanogan County Jail. Although the renter told deputies she did not know if there were any additional people in her house, the deputies discovered three men and one woman inside. They also noticed drug paraphernalia in the house. They secured the residence and applied for a warrant to search for illegal drugs. The affidavit was reviewed by a judge and the warrant was granted. While executing the warrant the deputies found two small bags of heroine, one small bag of methamphetamine, and four glass pipes containing methamphetamine. The investigation is continuing.

Mansfield, burglary: 1500 block of Road 24 N.E., sometime since April 25 several hunting cabins and an RV were entered. The hunting cabins had been left unlocked, but the door of the RV was pried open, causing about $500 in damage. The total value of items taken was $2,400 and included deer horns, horn mounts, a 43” Toshiba television, DVD players and a stereo and speaker box. There are no suspects.

May 1

Bridgeport Bar, property: 10 block of Cedar Ave., a cell phone was found in the roadway. The deputy was able to determine who the phone belonged to but has not yet been able to contact the owner.

May 3

Bridgeport, trespass: 1600 block of Fairview Ave., a property owner reported that people were living in a trailer on his property without permission. The people were contacted by the deputy and claimed to have had permission to be on the property. One of the people was arrested on a warrant.

Waterville, fraud/forgery: A complainant believed that his debit card had been stolen out of his vehicle when it was repossessed and had been fraudulently accessed.

Rock Island, stab/gunshot: 10 block of Parkway Ave., a person was accidentally stabbed with a knife in an incident involving alcohol. The case is still under investigation.