Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

May 11

Bridgeport Bar, miscellaneous: Reeder St. and Whitlam Ave., two passengers ran from a vehicle during a routine traffic stop. A search was made for the individuals and only one of them was located. A witness reported seeing something thrown from the vehicle, and the deputies obtained a search warrant. They found drugs in the vehicle, which turned out to be methamphetamine. A bag of drugs and syringe was also located in a brush pile nearby. The driver was initially booked into Okanogan County Jail for possession of a controlled substance. The prosecutor later denied the charges because it was not possible to prove who the drugs belonged to. The driver was issued a citation for driving with a suspended license.

Bridgeport Bar, disturbance: Whitlam Ave. and McCormack St., there was a report of two people fighting. The deputy did not find anyone at the location, but spotted someone with blood on his face walking in the area. The man reported that he had been punched by a former girlfriend. He would not give the name of the woman who punched him and did not wish to press charges.

May 12

Palisades, trespass: 10 block of Douglas Creek Road, a resident reported that there was a vehicle parked on his property that was blocking his driveway. The deputy arrived and found the vehicle. Two people returned to the vehicle and were contacted. They were given a warning not to trespass.

Bridgeport, malicious mischief: 700 block of Fairview Ave., a woman reported that she had found her door forced open when she returned to her apartment at 1 a.m. She did not find anything missing inside the apartment. The woman did not report the incident until 12 p.m., and since the door had already been used, no evidence could be collected.

May 14

Palisades, harass/threat: 100 block of Wagon Road, a woman reported that she had been stalked for the past four to five years. She was advised to contact the courts for a protection order.

Rock Island, vehicle theft: Highway 28 and Milepost 9, a tractor and trailer were stolen from a property sometime since midnight May 11. There are no suspects.

May 15

Bridgeport Bar, animal problem: 500 block of Highway 173, a landowner reported that there were a pack of dogs running at large on his property. One dog especially had been on his porch and had challenged him. It was not known who the owner of the dogs was. The deputy arrived and could not locate the dogs. The Sheriff’s Office contacted animal control and asked them to look out for the dogs.

Waterville, theft: 400 block of Road D N.W., a woman reported the theft of some tractor seats in a scrap metal pile next to a shop. She requested extra patrols.

May 16

Bridgeport, graffiti: 10 block of Hayden Road, graffiti was found on Chief Joseph Dam property. There was no video footage available.

May 17

Orondo, burglary: 10 block of Zanol Loop Road, a woman who had permission to live on orchard property while employed had been on the property after her employment ended. She entered a residence on the property and brandished a pipe at the resident, ordering her to leave her own home. No one was injured in the incident. Rosa E. Godoy, 47, of Orondo was charged with second degree burglary and second degree assault and was booked into the Chelan Country Regional Justice Center.

Orondo, burglary: 10 block of Orondo Spur Road, a property owner reported that the front end of his 1940 Plymouth truck, including the radiator cover, the headlight assembly and the grill had been removed from the truck sometime since last December. There was no surveillance video available.