Douglas County Sheriff’s Report

May 18

Mansfield, weapons violation: Mansfield School District, a student made a joke about bringing a gun to school and shooting. School officials and deputies were confident that the student had not been serious. The school handled the matter with the student, and the deputy made contact with the student and his family to ensure that it was understood that such a joke is inappropriate.

Bridgeport, harass/threat: 1000 block of Foster Ave., the reporting party, who was a witness in an assault case, said that three people came toward her home, threatening that they knew where she lived and would come back to deal with her. The Sheriff’s Office is working to identify the three individuals.

May 19

Waterville, trespass: 10 block of S. Division Road, there was a report of a Chevy Silverado pulling a trailer with a 4-wheeler on it on private property. Later the 4-wheeler was seen on the property. The Sheriff’s Office is still trying to contact the person who was trespassing.

Mansfield, no injury accident: a vehicle owner noticed damage on his vehicle. He did not know the location in which the damage had occurred.

May 20

Orondo, property: 23200 block of Highway 97, a resident lost an 8-foot by 12-foot dock worth approximately $600. The Sheriff’s Office did not find any reports of the dock washing up on shore in either Douglas or Chelan County. Marine units have been notified and will watch for the dock when they do patrols.

Bridgeport, animal problem: Bridgeport Marina RV Park, there was a report that a group of people had a Pit bull in the park. The deputy contacted the owner of the dog, who said she knew that Pit bulls are not allowed in town and that she had paperwork to prove the dog is not a Pit bull. The case was turned over to Bridgeport Animal Control for follow up.

May 21

Rock Island, property: The Rock Bar & Grill, a customer of the tavern reported that his wallet was not on him when he returned home. The wallet could not be located in the establishment.

May 22

Rock Island, burglary: 10 block of Akron Ave., sometime between May 19 and 22, unknown persons entered a motor home and took a custom bow worth approximately $450. There are no leads at this time.

May 23

Bridgeport Bar, harass/threat: 10 block of E. McCormack St., a resident complained about two passersby who had thrown rocks at her dog and made threats to kill it. The deputy located two men, who reported that the dog was aggressive toward them. The dog owner was advised to keep her dog on her property and the men were advised to contact the Sheriff’s Office if the dog gives them problems again.

Bridgeport, suspicious: 700 block of Fairview Ave., there was a report of possible bullet holes in the side of an apartment building. The deputy located two bullet holes that did not appear to be either brand new or very old. The renters were contacted and said that they did not need anything done about the bullet holes. The deputy left the landlord and tenants to settle the matter of repairing the damage.

May 24

Rock Island, disturbance: 400 block of Parkway Drive, there was a report of a man who had been drinking and harassing others in a mobile home park. The report on the case has not yet been completed.

Orondo, trespass: Orondo School District, a school bus driver found an intoxicated man sleeping on the side of the old school house in the morning. The deputy contacted the man and found that there was a warrant out for his arrest. Methamphetamine was also located on the man. Antonio Garcia-Ramos, 24, with no town of residence, was arrested on his warrant and on charges of possession of a controlled substance.

Palisades, trespass: 500 block of Palisades Road, there was a report of a man trespassing in a Chevy Suburban in an alfalfa field. The property owner said she had tried to contact the man, but he had yelled at her. She did not want the man charged, but wanted him removed from her property. The deputy found the Suburban was out of gas, and some gas was provided and the man and vehicle were escorted out of the area.